15 Thriller Movies On Netflix That Will Have You Gripped

I'm starting college this month, so I didn't think it would be wise to write a TBR blog post, since I probably wouldn't be able to complete all of the books. While deciding what to write about, I remembered that my post about 15 High School Rom-Coms was a huge success! So I thought, why not do another movie post? 

a list of the most thrilling movies on netflix

Whether it is a book or a movie, suspense makes the experience a thousand times better. The feeling of clutching the edge of your seat, jumping at sudden movements, and anticipating what will happen next is like no other. 

During quarantine, especially, I wish to watch a suspenseful thriller nearly every day. If you feel the same, then this post is for you! 

Okay, let's start.

1) Ransom

Starring Mel Gibson, this movie revolves around the kidnapping of Sean, the son of a millionaire, Tom.

mel gibson as tom in ransom

During a science fair, a group of kidnappers, led by Tom's employee, kidnap his son when Tom is not looking. They later call him, demanding a large sum, though not too expensive for Tom. His wife tells him to pay it and get their son back, but Tom has other ideas. As encounters with FBI agents and the kidnappers take place, Tom delivers a live broadcast whereby he puts a large sum on the kidnappers' head, double that which they demanded as ransom. Things begin to get intense, and Tom's wife fears for her son's life.

2) The Glass House

Losing your parents in a car crash is one thing. Finding out that someone they trusted might have been responsible for the crash is entirely another.

main character in the glass house

Ruby lives a perfectly normal life. Living happily with her parents and her brother, Rhett, she does what any teenager at her age would do. She sneaks out when her parents go out at night. One night, when she returns home, she finds out that both of her parents have been killed in a car crash. Subsequently, Ruby and Rhett are taken in by their aunt and uncle, a childless couple who live in a glass house. Ruby tries to get her life back to normal, but secrets about the house, her aunt and uncle, and her parents' death make doing that difficult. 

3) Skyscraper

All Will Sawyer wants is to secure an insurance deal with the owner of the tallest building in the world, Zhao Long Ji. But what he does not know is that Zhao has enemies. Enemies who will make Will's life difficult. Enemies that will endanger his family.

will sawyer in the film skyscraper

After Will loses his leg during his time in the army, he decides to create a new life for himself. That's when he opens his small, garage-based insurance business. When his friend, Ben, who works for Zhao, the owner of the skyscraper - the tallest building in the world - helps Will secure a deal as insurance provider for that building, he is determined to make it work. But when he finds out that Ben's intentions are anything but pure, he finds himself in a difficult, dangerous situation. 

4) The Sleepover

Clancy resents her mother sometimes. She resents that she isn't allowed to have a phone. She resents that every time she wants to go to a party, her mother has to "call her friend's parents." Until one day, when she finds out that her mother is not who she seems to be. 

clancy, her parents, and her mothers ex-fiance in the sleepover

After a video of Clancy's little brother, Kevin, goes viral, and the video shows Clancy's mother while she is on lunch duty, a group of mysterious criminals come to their house late at night and kidnap both her parents. Clancy is confused at first. Why would anyone want to kidnap her parents? Until she notices some clues her mother left for her. Determined to save her parents, she sets off with her best friend, her little brother, and her little brother's best friend, following the clues and looking for her parents. Information about what her mother used to be involved in comes to light and Clancy can not believe how "cool" her strict, uptight mother actually is. 

5) Murder-Mystery

Nick Spitz may have failed the detective test several times, but when faced with an actual mystery while he is on a trip to Europe with his wife, Audrey, there is no better detective. Turns out a hairdresser and a cop are the perfect pair. 

audrey and nick

Nick and Audrey, though seemingly happy, have some private differences. Nick keeps failing the detective test but tells Audrey that he is a detective. Audrey privately resents that Nick never fulfilled his promise of taking her to Europe. When he finally does, and when a wealthy man they meet on the airplane invites them to an event taking place on his father's ship, Audrey is finally happy. When the owner of the ship is mysteriously stabbed during a blackout, Audrey finally sees her detective novels come to life. She is determined to help solve the mystery. However, the fact that Audrey and Nick are the chief suspects does not help. 

6) Raat Akeli Hai

Some of you may not be comfortable watching a film in another language, regardless of the fact that it has English subtitles, but trust me, this one is worth it. It will make you want to watch more Indian murder-mysteries. 

indian murder-mystery

When a newly married man is murdered in his home, Inspector Jatil Yadav is given the task of solving the mystery. His task is complicated when the most obvious suspects have clear alibis and the most unlikely people turn out to be the chief suspects. When his superior seems to be hiding something, and when people with information are brutally silenced, Inspector Jatil Yadav's life is put in danger. 

7) Bird Box

When mysterious mass suicides drive the world into frenzy, a group of people, cooped up in one house, attempt to survive. 

sandra bullock

Malorie lives a carefree life. Though impregnated, she is not keen to raise a child. But when a mysterious force appears in the country, driving all those who come in contact with it to suicide, she must save herself and her child, simultaneously saving new acquaintances she makes on the way. Loaded with additional responsibilities, Malorie attempts to save those she loves. But for that, she needs to survive too. 

8) Shutter Island

Okay, I can't be the only person who is completely obsessed with psychological thrillers. Even if I am, this is a movie that everyone would love.

leonardo di caprio in shutter island

After Rachel Solando, accused of drowning her children, disappears from Ashecliffe Hospital, two U.S. Marshals head over to the hospital to investigate this disappearance. Amidst the lack of cooperation from the staff, the strange behavior of the management, and the presence of disturbing information, the two of them try to uncover the truth.

9) The Collateral

Max's life can't be more normal. He's been driving the same taxi for twelve years, vacations by staring at pictures of Maldives, and regularly visits his sick mother in the hospital. Until a strange passenger with a dangerous profession comes into his life.

vincent, max and the band dude in the movie the collateral

After having a pleasant encounter with a charming female lawyer who traveled in his cab, Max picks up a rich passenger who pays him a large sum to stick with him full-time. Though Max takes the money, events that follow make him wish he hadn't. The passenger turns out to be a professional assassin who asks Max to take him to several places where he goes to kill the people involved in a case. Scared for his life, Max complies. Until he finds out that one of the victims-to-be is the female lawyer he met earlier.

10) Extraction

Despite the slightly irking portrayal of Asians as the bad guys and a white man as the hero, the movie is an interesting one.

chris hemsworth

After an international crime lord is imprisoned, his son, Ovi is kidnapped by a rival crime lord. The man who took care of the child while his father was in prison is desperate to get the boy back. However, he does not have the money. He hires a mercenary named Tyler anyway, but plans on intercepting him as soon as he gets the boy, so that he does not have to pay the full amount and still gets Ovi back. However, the kidnappers are determined not to let Tyler and Ovi get away. The two of them go through a tough journey, fighting off criminals on the way, trying to get Ovi home. 

11) Game

Yet another Indian movie worth watching. Game is a thrilling film, revolving around a murder.

indian murder-mystery film

After a billionaire's mistreated and traumatized daughter is killed, he invites four different people to his land, pretending to offer them a big break in their careers. When the people arrive, the billionaire, Kabir Malhotra, accuses them of murdering his daughter, saying that he will turn them in the next day. The next morning, Kabir Malhotra is found dead. Thus begins a complex murder-mystery. The fact that the death appears to be a suicide and the fact that nearly all of the people on the land seem to have alibis makes matters difficult. A detective is called to investigate the murder, which is ultimately labelled as a suicide. But she does not believe that, and will not rest until she uncovers the mystery. 

12) The Italian Job

Is it just me or are heists just extremely entertaining to watch? 


While conducting a heist that involves stealing gold from a safe in Venice, a team is betrayed by their inside man, Steve, who takes the gold for himself. A year later, when the team finds out that Steve is laundering gold under a new identity, they decide to plan a new heist. The goal of this heist is not only to steal gold, but also to avenge Steve for what he did. The team also takes on board a woman, Stella, who wishes to avenge Steve for the death of her father. All set and prepared, the team puts their plans into action. 

13) The Bourne Legacy

What do members of an intelligence agency do when they're close to having their conspiracy exposed? They erase all evidence of their top secret missions, going as far as to kill the agents involved.


Aaron Cross is a member of a program called Operation Outcome, run by the U.S Defence Department, that involves giving pills to field operatives to genetically enhance their abilities. When an English reporter threatens to expose these activities, Eric Byer, the man who built the program decides that he must sacrifice Operation Outcome. This involves murdering the agents who were a part of it. When Aaron Cross saves a research scientist, Marta Shearing from getting assassinated by professionals hired by Eric Byer, the two of them go on the run. 

14) The Body

When a dead businesswoman's body mysteriously disappears from the morgue, and the night guard claims he saw the body walking away by itself, a police inspector questions the woman's widower, trying to uncover the mystery.

the inspector, the widower and the body

After Maya Verma dies of a heart attack, and her body is placed in the morgue until her autopsy, it disappears in the middle of the night before the autopsy can be performed. Ajay Puri, Maya's widower is called in for questioning. Some investigation reveals that Ajay may have killed Maya along with his girlfriend, Ritu. The inspector suspects that Ajay stole the body because he did not want the autopsy to reveal what he did. Ajay claims he had nothing to do with it. 

15) Ocean's Eleven

Yep, another heist film. This movie is pretty popular, so chances are, you've seen it. But in case you haven't, you need to. Immediately.

the team that conducted the heist to rob a casino

Danny Ocean, recently released from jail, plans a new heist, this time to rob three casinos owned by his nemesis, Terry Benedict. Along with Rusty Ryan, he recruits a number of skilled criminals and begins to formulate a plan. After closely studying the actions of Terry Ocean, the team gets to work.

That's it for this list. Let me know if you have any thrillers to add to this list. Do you think any of these don't deserve to be on here? Why?


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  1. I like thrillers but they don't have to be too scary, I feel like Bird Box would be too much for me but I love me a good mystery and yes, I love heist too, I actually saw Ocean's 8 and it was too good!

    1. Bird box is actually a horror/thriller movie, that's why it's scary. Truth be told, I didn't know it would be that scary either and I had nightmares for days! I love Oceans 8 as well!!

  2. Great list! I've seen almost all of these, but the ones I haven't I'll be checking out :)

    1. That's great! I hope you enjoy the rest of them too.

  3. I have seen several of these, but not Shutter Island. It's now on my watch list!

    1. Shutter Island is one of the best! I hope you enjoy it.

  4. This is a great list to go to when I'm looking for something new to watch. We loved The Sleepover.

    1. My family didn't like The Sleepover much, but I loved it. Thank you!

  5. I love foreign films and I've never watched an Indian murder-mystery, so I'm intrigued! I did really like Bird Box. Loved the book.


    1. Indian murder-mysteries are the best kind of murder-mysteries! I loved Bird Box too!